We Thrive was set up by four families with children who are struggling with mental, emotional and behavioural challenges. These can look like depressive and anxious states, aggression and anger, self-harming, eating disorders, addiction, conduct disorder and others.

We believe that these challenges do not exist in isolation: there are often many components such as genetics, inter-generational trauma, family stories, neurological differences, learning differences and the personal experience of these growing up. Along the way parents and family members adjust and alter their own behaviours, struggle to know how to support their child, desperate for answers and understanding – and to be understood. These situations can be so isolating and that, in itself, becomes problematic.

We know from experience that supporting each other as parents, providing as much insight and education as possible, providing a forum to come together to feel heard and to learn, is a key component to the possibility of whole family recovery, healing and growth.

We are aware that mental health services are at capacity and that there is a whole untapped source of valuable support and insight through the medium of lived experience including shared resources, insight and knowledge.

This website is not intended to offer advice, medical or otherwise. It is intended to be about the subject of the lived experience of our children’s emotional, mental and behavioural challenges including addiction, ADHD and eating disorders.

Any recommendations have been collated in good faith, but we are unable to guarantee that the information published is entirely free from error or is necessarily beneficial to your personal situation. In addition, we recognise the subjective nature of any treatment.

It is recommended that you should always consult your own qualified medical specialist for individual advice. You should not delay in seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice or discontinue any medical treatment because of the stories or advice published on the website.