Dave Noble – Recovery Coach


“I simply use a style I’ve cultivated over many years of case studying ‘hands on’ practice”.

Well versed in ’the art of’ emotional, mental and behavioural (re)conditioning (know yourself, know others)…this understanding has led to countless talks, training programs and consultations with schools, pupil referral units, universities, psychiatric units and specialist treatment centres…including discussions with Government bodies mental health and online child safety.


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2 thoughts on “Dave Noble – Recovery Coach

  1. A parent says:

    Yes Dave is great 🌟he was once there during a pivotal time with my daughters eating disorder…, he gives hope & comfort when there seems like there is none/ when days seem so bleak…and is a person who by what he has gone through & realised in himself already by his presence a powerful influence, where our kids can model themselves, find where they fit in this world and know that there is so much space for them here if they dare to see/feel/be, through the acceptance of themselves, which Dave mirrors to them…Dave brings meaningful open encouraging dialogue into the everyday life that we tackle…

  2. A parent says:

    So…. Dave Noble is not qualified but he has a massive life experience of two decades worth of drug addiction that he came out of. A huge relationship with his mother therefore understands that dynamic… and puts it across very well.
    I honestly had no idea who to turn to yesterday…. I rang Dave and he leapt in his car and arrived today to spend 5 hours talking to my son one of which included me …. Which was superbly helpful. Of course the only person who can help my son is himself, but Dave showed him light …. And he feels lighter as a result and we shared some peaceful revelations…. Peaceful being the operative word as apposition to the usual anger.
    Dave gives us both someone to reach out to and somehow it’s ok to share as Dave is cool and makes us feel he’s on both our sides for different reasons but with a common goal.
    Somehow over the last 5 years Dave has been the one person we both reach out to when the going gets impossible.
    He’s not a Doctor and he’s not a therapist…. He’s just someone that just gets a drug addict and his Mother. That’s his specialty I would say …. He gets desperate family dynamics and desperate cases …. He came in today sprinkled his special kind of magic and left making us both feel we had someone to turn too. And I know in my darkest moments that is such a huge comfort…. It’s maybe not a cure but it’s certainly a comfort to not feel so totally and utterly helpless in the face of my horror story. I don’t think it matters if they are wearing a white coat or not …. It’s just someone that understands….

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