Lucy Tomkins – family recovery coach


‘Family Recovery Coaching is an ongoing interactive partnership designed to help clients find a way to live their lives regardless of their loved ones choices and at the same time learn how they can be their loved one’s best chance of a successful recovery outcome. It is NOT counseling or therapy. Through education about addiction and together with tools and skills to help you, you will learn how to make healthier choices which will contribute to the addict’s recovery rather than their addiction. Like life coaching, it is forward-looking, goal-orientated and helps clients achieve positive results in their lives and move from where they are right now to where they want to be.

As coaches, we are trained to listen, to observe and to customize our approach to individual client needs.

I believe that every person is naturally creative, whole and resourceful and it is my job to provide support to enhance the skills, resources and creativity that you, the client, already have.’

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