Matt Thomas, Recovery Coach: Insights from a Journey of Healing


NAVIGATING THE TRIPLE WHAMMY: Mental Health: Neuro-diversity: Addiction

Insights from a Journey of Healing

Matt is in recovery from OCD, ADHD and addiction.  After a successful 20 year music industry career Matt has become a leading figure in mental health and addiction recovery treatment and advocacy.  He was Co-Founder and Director of iCAAD, one of the word’s leading conferences on addiction and mental health; he is Chair of Music Support, a charity dedicated to advocating for transformative change within the music industry, providing specialist treatment and support to peers; he works as a Case Manager, managing recovery journeys and multi-disciplinary teams of practitioners to ensure the best care for clients; and he is a passionate Youth Advocate, drawing from his personal experience as a troubled adolescent to offer support and guidance to young people in school talks and also coaching sessions for students, staff and parents.

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