The Arrigo Programme


‘Fiona Arrigo’s 40 years of combining western psychology with eastern mysticism has informed her perspective of both personal and collective healing.

Qualified as a Biodynamic Psychotherapist, and having worked in private practice she co-founded one of the first holistic detox programmes in the UK, Stop the World in the early 1990’s. In 2010, Fiona evolved this into her highly acclaimed signature 1-2-1 bespoke retreat, The Arrigo Programme.

Her dedication to compassionate living and heart-based wisdom in action inspired her to create the Women’s Group retreats, which take place in Spain, India and the UK with other locations currently being explored.

All Fiona’s work is informed by the understanding that in order to evolve, we need to embrace the bigger picture and ask the four key questions – who am I, what am I doing, what am I here for, and how can I serve?

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