The Arrigo Programme 0 (0)

Fiona Arrigo

‘Fiona Arrigo’s 40 years of combining western psychology with eastern mysticism has informed her perspective of both personal and collective healing. Qualified as a Biodynamic Psychotherapist, and having worked in private practice she co-founded one of the first holistic detox programmes in the UK, Stop the World in the early 1990’s. In 2010, Fiona evolved…….

Lucy Tomkins – family recovery coach 0 (0)

Lucy Tomkins

‘Family Recovery Coaching is an ongoing interactive partnership designed to help clients find a way to live their lives regardless of their loved ones choices and at the same time learn how they can be their loved one’s best chance of a successful recovery outcome. It is NOT counseling or therapy. Through education about addiction…….

Philip Trenchard – family therapist 0 (0)

Philip Trenchard

‘Philip views individual, couple or family issues in context. His systemic lens informs how any presenting problem is approached. What this can mean in practice is that Philip can negotiate collaboratively-formed confidentiality agreements enabling his consultations to include significant others in the system around an individual, couple or family. Philip has found this to be…….

Rudi Voet – family counsellor 5 (2)

Rudi Voet

Helping families of youngsters with mental health issues. At 15 Seconds, we offer comprehensive services for families with children and young adults struggling with mental health issues. Our prevention, precare, outpatient care, and aftercare counselling and coaching services are designed to provide the most effective and efficient support possible. We are dedicated to helping families and organizations in any way we can, always striving to provide the highest quality of care at an affordable cost.’

Dr Camilla Simpson: Psychologist for teens with addiction issues 0 (0)

Camilla Simpson

As an experienced Addictions Therapist, I’ve helped many people work through their fears to overcome severe substance, behavioural and sex addictions. I’ve also helped many patients with disordered eating, including binge eating, food addiction, emotional cravings, or unhealthy relationships with food.  During therapy, I enjoy working creatively with people to help them understand how their…….